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Thursday November 16th, we’ve finally launched our book with almost all authors present. Proud feelings and happiness radiated from the stage. Marëlle Roozemond handed the very first book to Maya Leibman of America Airlines. Enjoy reading and using the book and the virtual coffee formats in your teams, 

Maya Leibman -American Airlines- receives first copy of Virtual Coffee Experencies

Maya Leibman -American Airlines- receives first copy of Virtual Coffee Experence at Agile Consortium Jaarcongres 2023

We’ve received great feedback of Maya both on stage as via a post on LinkedIn. May Leibman wrote:

” I was extremely honored to receive the first copy of the book “The Virtual Coffee Experience” when I spoke yesterday at the Agile Consortium conference. I want to thank Marielle Roozemond and all the authors of the Virtual Coffee Foundation and commend them for coming together during COVID, connecting with one another, building trust, and furthering the mission of Agile. COVID was not an easy time for anyone but they not only made the best of it, they realized they had created something special and now want to share their learnings with the world which as we all know, is the highest form of Agile maturity! I’ve already started reading the book and it’s terrific – filled with practical advice and tips that virtual and hybrid teams can put into use immediately. It’s easy and fun to read and I have no doubt that teams who utilize these ideas will develop stronger bonds, relationships, trust, and performance.”