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Yes, here are the first books! Annette Heijink en Annemarie Koelewijn were the lucky two authors (and board members of the Virtual Coffee Foundation) to open a box and find the first two books of ‘The Virtual Coffee Experience’. Just in time for tomorrow’s book launch in Doorn NL at the Agile Consortium Year Conference.

The other 11 authors of the book: Arno Delhij 웃 , Bob Kastje , Catharina AdriaansDerk-Jan de Grood , Elgert Verhoef , Fried Broekhof Marcel de Groot , Marielle Roozemond , Paul Van Wijk Ronald Schouten , Syed Ameenuddin Syed Niaz , all (former) ING Agile Coaches!

We hope the book will support and inspire many teams and organizations in building and improving their virtual connections!

Keep an eye on this page the upcoming days and weeks for inspiring activities.